The majority of my branding work has been through 88 Oak, a software studio that I co-founded with Trey Tartt in 2014. We've worked with clients across the planet to help create great lasting images for their products and companies, some of which you can see below.



88 Oak

88 Oak is my software studio. Co-founded with my friend Trey Tartt in early 2014, we develop and design our own ideas as well as work with customers. I created the branding, website, and lead all of our design work on our projects. You can check out all of our work, or get in touch if you'd like to work together at our website.

Don’t Feed the Artists

Don't Feed the Artists is a fortnightly show featuring interviews with independent musicians, recorded in person in Denton, TX. I co-host and produce the show, and created our logo and show art. Additionally, I manage the publishing side of our production. You can listen and subscribe to the show at or find it in your podcast app.

North Texas App

North Texas App was a relatively short-lived iOS & Android app which was used by over 29,000 students at the University of North Texas. I designed the iOS user interface, app icon, marketing materials, and website. Our small team built an amazing full-stack app with a unique web backend for gathering and managing data.

Our Southwest

A simple wordmark for Our Southwest, a new media company focusing on podcasts and other audio content.


Early on the company behind North Texas App came to me to create their branding and style guide. They eventually saw use throughout their mobile apps, internal tools, t-shirts, and presentations.

North Texas Photos

While in high school, I ran my own photography studio (a very original concept) and also created my own branding and website. Using an icon that hinted at a camera and a typeface with character, I created a strong brand in the North Texas area.

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