Adam Selby

BADT branding designed with Mallory Miner-Selby

From 2018-2023, my wife Mallory was the Drill Team Director at Little Elm High School. Throughout her five years as director, I worked with her to develop the branding for the program and team and served as art director for their annual Spring Show. Over these years, we developed an identity around “BADT” with a range of logo designs suitable for different applications and variations in designs each year.

Spring Show 2021

Spring Show 2022

Spring Show 2023

2019 “Dancer”

Horizontal logo adapting an interim 2018 design featuring a silhouette.

2020 “Circle”

Badge-style logo designed to serve as a complement to the 2019 design.

2021 “Encirclement”

Perfectly suited for larger format applications, this design moved to a focus on “BADT”

2022 “Grid”

Designed as part of a flexible system supporting multiple colorways and variations.

2023 “Letters”

Added to complement the 2022 design, where “Grid” was too imposing.

Spring Show Variations

2021, 2022, 2023

Showcasing flexible “Grid” options, with variations for each Spring Show’s colors

2023 Team Gift

Variation of the “Grid” design to incorporate a long-standing team tradition.