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I’m a designer based in Denton, TX focused on working on important campaigns for candidates at all levels, such as Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez for U.S. Senate, Hilary Turner for U.S. Congress, and Delia Parker-Mims for County Commissioner here in Denton County. In 2018, I volunteered on Beto O'Rourke’s landmark Senate campaign for six months.


I previously designed an app for college students called Mochila, and once had a popular tweet about a car that will be released any day now. I also co-host and produce a podcast about music called Don't Feed the Artists, and sell small printed things I wanted to see exist in my shop.


At my day job I manage Macs at a Fortune 100 company as a Senior Platform Engineer. I previously managed Apple devices of all kinds, including Mac, iPad, and Apple TV for a decade in Higher Education. You may be interested in some of my public projects for MacAdmins or following me on GitHub.


This site is hosted by the fine folks at Linode, built with Pico (a wonderful flat-file CMS1), and has fonts served by Bunny. On the Mac, I use fantastic apps like Nova, Sketch, Tower, Transmit, and Whiskey2. On iOS, I use Working Copy and Pretext. I don’t use any crazy analytics on my website, and you shouldn’t either. Remember, it’s okay to not know everything. 3 Source code wise… everything is a bit out of date here. Seriously, please don’t look too closely at the code. Some day, I’ll stop restarting work on a new site and actually finish it.


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