Adam Selby



Supporting Apple Platforms

This list of links is a helpful reference for Mac Admins, focused on resources that are useful in mentoring and training new Mac Admins at an organization. This list is primarily focused on macOS and Higher Education, and was inspired by Armin Briegel’s MacAdmin Support Pages list.


Apple Ports Test

Script that tests for Apple services connectivity including APNS, based on info available in Use Apple products on enterprise networks as well as additional items as discovered in the real world. This may also be useful to have available in Self Service, where the results of the test can be logged to Jamf.


Update Nudge Software Definitions

If you use Nudge to enforce macOS updates, this project can automatically manage releases of new versions of macOS for you. Since Nudge is entirely customizable, we can require OS updates be completed by specific set dates based upon the release date of a version of macOS. While the customization of Nudge happens in a Configuration Profile in your MDM solution, nudge.json in this repository manages the osVersionRequirements section of Nudge. This JSON file is specified as -json-url in the LaunchAgent installed along with Nudge and can be updated via your MDM solution. Each time Nudge is launched, it checks the URL for osVersionRequirements This project is intended to be run as a recurring task, and uses the latest release as determined by jamf-patch. When a new release is detected, the version number defined in requiredMinimumOSVersion in nudge-11.json is appended to the end of targetedOSVersions and the requiredMinimumOSVersion is set to the new release version number. The installation date is set to 45 days in the future, but is configurable for your environment.


Add Devices to Jamf

Take input from a form or other submission process, to add a device to a Jamf PreStage Enrollment scope as well as update information in Jamf Inventory Preload. This was used in a Higher Education environment with a web form and a Jenkins job to provide our help desk and users with a way to effortlessly enroll their Macs.


Jamf Migration Helper

Automatically remove Macs successfully enrolled on a new Jamf server from an old (legacy) Jamf server, to maintain accurate device counts and an overview of our migration status in a slow-paced migration of Jamf servers. This is intended to be run automatically on a recurring scheduled basis. By downloading a list of all computers enrolled with the new server and locating the serial numbers for each enrolled computer, this script then submits a DELETE request using the Jamf API to the old server to remove its computer object.


Jamf Information Rename

“Smart Rename” functionality, to automatically rename Macs based on information stored in Jamf. Two options are available: Rename Computer Based on Asset Tag and Rename Computer Based on Jamf Location Info.