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Supporting Apple Platforms

This list of links is a helpful reference for Mac Admins, focused on resources that are useful in mentoring and training new Mac Admins at an organization. This list is primarily focused on macOS and Higher Education, and was inspired by Armin Briegel’s MacAdmin Support Pages list.




Hardware User Guides


Software User Guides


App User Guides


IT User Guides


Accessibility User Guides


Software Releases


AppleSeed for IT

  • AppleSeed for IT, access Test Plans, Release Notes, Planning Guides, AppleSeed Profiles, and more with your Managed Apple ID





  • Apparency, inspect macOS app bundles
  • Asset Catalog Tinkerer, view and extract images from asset catalogs
  • AutoPkgr, manage an autopkg install without Terminal
  • Bombardier, downloads and extracts Boot Camp drivers
  • Apple Configurator, manage locally connected Apple devices including mass enrollment
  • Device Record Updater, update multiple attributes of Jamf device records
  • Glance, expand Quick Look previews for developer files
  • Hancock, easily sign packages and profiles
  • Icons, quickly create consistent icons for Self Service
  • JamfLog, make Jamf log files easy to read
  • Jamf Pro Switcher, quickly switch between Jamf Pro servers
  • jamfStatus, monitor Jamf Cloud status from the menu bar
  • jamf-migrator, selective migration of objects between two Jamf Pro servers
  • Low Profile, inspect Apple Configuration Profiles
  • Managed App Schema Builder, build JSON schemas for creating custom config profiles in Jamf Pro
  • MacTracker, lookup detailed information on every Apple device ever made
  • MIST, easily list and download available macOS installers and firmware
  • The MUT, all-in-one mass Jamf Inventory info update tool using CSV files
  • Packages, make complex packaging tasks simple
  • PPPC Utility, create profiles for Privacy Preferences Policy Control
  • PrinterSetup, generate scriptable printer install and setup
  • ProfileCreator, create and update profiles
  • Prune, identify and remove unused objects on Jamf Pro server
  • Push Diagnostics, easily validate connectivity to APNs
  • quickpkg, insanely easy tool for creating simple packages (great as a Folder Action or Automator Service)
  • Recipe Robot, the easiest way to create simple AutoPkg recipes
  • SilentKnight, highly detailed security check overview
  • StatusBuddy, monitor Apple Services status from the menu bar
  • SUS Inspector, view detailed software update information and download specific updates
  • Suspicious Package, inspect macOS installer packages
  • Unexpectedly, browse and visualize the reports from crashes
  • WWDC, unofficial WWDC app for all Apple Developer videos


macOS Support Articles

iOS Support Articles


Jamf Support Articles


Deployment Reference


Security and Compliance


Videos by Apple


Today at Apple Sessions


Books by Apple Education







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