Adam Selby

North Texas App was a relatively short-lived iOS & Android app which was used by over 29,000 students at the University of North Texas. I designed the iOS user interface, marketing materials, and website. Our small team built an amazing full-stack app with a unique web backend for gathering and managing data.

With lots of data-driven features, it was important to make sure the most important things were always front and center. The content was the highlight of the user's experience, and it took advantage of everything that the iOS platform could offer. In addition to standard UI elements, the interface also featured some unique touches that created new user experience models, such as the Right Slider to view data at other times.

To showcase all of the 12+ features of North Texas App, I created a campaign that could be adapted for print (magazine, & posters) or digital (social media, & web), while maintaining a consistent brand. Not only do they utilize original photography, but they also are recognizable thanks to the bold white iPhone showcasing various screens from the app. These were printed on glossy 13x19 paper and hung around UNT's campus during the Fall 2012 semester.


North Texas App website


Ad/flyer samples