Adam Selby

VoteCheck was a two-year project to build an all-in-one field app for political candidates and groups. I was part of a team commissioned to build an entirely new app from the ground up, which needed to cover all aspects of early stage canvassing through GOTV efforts through Election Day.

I was responsible for working with the client to define the project scope and requirements, create the interface design, and build and maintain documentation for campaign leaders and field workers. I also was involved in all client relations and helped navigate the importing and parsing of existing voter contact data.

In addition to correcting voter data and tracking vote intent, VoteCheck also needed to track information related to a person's status including volunteer activity, prior donations, or registered member status in a party.

This project was my first with any political connection, and I learned an incredible amount about the field operations side of a campaign. I learned about all levels of canvassing, as well as the detail involved in updating and correcting voter contact/voter ID data.