Adam Selby

Writing sample, UpNext Press Kit

As part of contributing to UpNext, I wrote and assembled the Press Kit that we sent out to iOS blogs, and made available on the 88 Oak website.



Countdown with UpNext

Personal Countdowns in Style.

Counting down to something important has never looked better, with 88 Oak's newest app UpNext, available now on the App Store UpNext is the best way to count down to special occasions. With themes, background images, and custom formatting options you'll love being able to see what you have to look forward to at a quick glance. Plus with custom notification timers, you'll get a reminder whenever you want!

UpNext can keep track of holidays, vacations, upcoming trips, movie releases, weddings… or anything else you can't wait for! If it has a date then it can be tracked using UpNext. With the simple design, you'll be adding all your events in no time.

UpNext supports all iPhones with iOS 10 and later, is available in five different languages, and is available free from the App Store with an in-app purchase to unlock custom colors themes, and multiple concurrent countdowns.

UpNext Features

  • Notifications: Simply turn on notifications for a reminder notification about your event before it happens. Choose the time that's right for you and your countdown date.
  • Themes: UpNext offers several color themes so no matter what your favorite color is, you can make it yours. UpNext's icon even changes to match your theme!
  • Date Formats: Choose from four different countdown styles, to match how you want to look forward to whatever your special occasion is.
  • Background Photos: Pick a photo from your camera roll to give each countdown it's own unique look, and give your countdown list a little extra something.
  • Event Archive: Easily see all of your old countdowns after they've passed, so you can relive the excitement.
  • Easy Adding: Add an event quickly with just 4 steps. Editing is just as simple with a simple tap on the countdown.

Review Guidelines

We use UpNext to count down towards our next vacations, movies that we’re looking forward, and other big events in life. We hope you’ll find UpNext is a great way to look forward to whatever occasions in your life!

Pricing and Availability

UpNext will be available on August 7, 2017 on the App Store as a free download, with the Power Pack in-app purchase available at the special launch price of just $1.99 (or similar in local currencies). UpNext is available in English, Chinese, French, German, and Japanese, with more language support coming in the future.

App Store Link:

Website Link:

Additional Information

A limited number of promo codes are available to members of the media for review purposes. If you're interested in receiving a promo code, please contact us at

Artwork, icons, and screenshots are available for download from

About 88 Oak

88 Oak is a small software studio located in North Texas which has had the pleasure of working with people across the world to build great products. In addition, we also design and develop our own apps, which are on our website. We're a team of two (and sometimes three or four) guys who enjoy crafting new innovative things for the world.

Press Contact

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