Doodle & Stinker is a boutique clothing shop located in Dallas, TX. They needed a simple website, with information about their story, location, and hours. Additionally they needed help setting up an email newsletter. The design of the website lends a feeling of high-fashion to it, which fits perfectly with their desired image. I designed and built the website, including setting up additional services as needed. You can visit it at to check it out.

Since Doodle & Stinker is a store selling children's clothing, we initially looked at bright and pastel-colored designs. As an alternative, I pursued an idea that had remained on my mind throughout this process. Inspired by high-fashion print magazines, the gray boxes pull your focus to the bright and colorful photos in each row.

The fully-responsive design translates extremely well to mobile displays, adapting itself to re-arrange the content in an equally organized and clean way. It's truly the "full" site in each and every way.

Visit Doodle & Stinker's website