Adam Selby

Video Content

Throughout some of my advertising, interface design, and branding work, I’ve also contributed to a number of video projects. I’ve featured a selection below, detailing my involvement with each.




I served as head of Mochila’s design & marketing, where I wrote, storyboarded, produced, and edited our promotion video which serves as our App Preview on both app stores. We also used localized versions for each university in direct social media marketing using the same template and professional voiceover.


UpNext is a new app I worked on with my partner at 88 Oak, offering a simple yet attractive way to countdown to future dates and times. Along with the app icon, I storyboarded, produced, and edited the app preview which has resulted in an above-average impression-to-download conversion rate.

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Jagoe House

For four years, I ran and managed a house venue in Denton, TX with the help of a small group of close friends. We became the largest and most influential house venue in Denton through a mixture of professionalism, organization, and marketing at our shows. Over the four year runtime, we hosted nearly 200 unique bands at 50+ shows, and we hosted three unique multi-day festivals in our backyard. During our run, I was responsible for the branding and marketing for the house and its shows which included creating unique promotional videos for over 35 of our 50+ total shows.

"Save the Arts" Short Film

During our final semester at the Mayborn School of Journalism, my partner and I created a video as an entry to the 2014 The Young Ones Competition. We wrote, shot, and edited this short film in one week.

Wrote/shot/edited with Alyssa Thompson


After PalmAgent’s major app redesign, I was tasked with creating and producing an App Preview video for their flagship brands. I storyboarded, produced, and edited App Preview videos for over 40 unique branded mobile apps for iPhone and Android, focusing on creating a reusable master template with some variation of showcase features for conversion testing on smaller brands. Ultimately, a focus was created around the new features for realtors in order to drive new user downloads.

Central Kia Television Spot

As an assignment for the Advertising Campaigns class at the Mayborn School of Journalism, we formed student agencies. For our agency, Centroidal, I served as Art Director of our ad creative, and branding and worked on this spot with our other creative team member Casey Cummins. We both contributed to copy and direction, and I had the final responsibility of production and editing for the spot.

Copywriting by Casey Cummins

smallToast LLC

smallToast needed some creative for their internal culture and company values. I had the original concept, wrote the copy, and animated a video, and the corresponding media pieces for them.