Adam Selby

UpNext is the best way to count down to special occasions. Keep track of holidays, vacations, upcoming trips, movie releases, weddings… or anything else you can't wait for! If it has a date then it can be tracked using UpNext. With the simple design, you'll be adding all your events in no time.

I worked on the app’s icon, contributing design feedback and user testing to the app, and produced the app preview video for the App Store. In addition, in my role as partner at 88 Oak I designed and created the marketing page for Incognito.

UpNext is available on the App Store. Much like our other apps, UpNext was conceived and created entirely by Trey and I at 88 Oak, and exhibits our high standards for quality. UpNext is also localized into 5 languages, a first for 88 Oak’s in-house apps.

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August 2017