Adam Selby

Writing sample, JagoeFest October 2016

This was written as a thank you letter to the people who made our second and more ambitious DIY music festival a success, during three days in October 2016. As with the first we ran a successful non-profit festival and paid every performing band.

The second JagoeFest was a resounding success! We want to take a moment to thank everyone who made it possible. Not only was JagoeFest a fun weekend of local music and art, it was also a sure sign that music isn't leaving Denton anytime soon. It would not have been possible without all of the time and energy from the Jagoe House Staff that you saw during all three days. Thank you to the artists, artisans, and vendors who setup Friday & Saturday; Your tables and booths were a great showcase of Denton's talents and really helped the feeling outside. Special shoutout to Nice Dudes Servicing Craft for working with us at the last minute to prepare shirts for the fest!

And of course, without the 30 musicians and bands there would have been nothing to hear. We cannot thank you enough for playing, whether it was your first, second, or even fourth time. The music was incredible, and we're so glad so many people came out to enjoy it. While we just hosted our 100th band a month ago, we're now sitting at a total of 121. 21 of the bands who played at JagoeFest were new to Jagoe House, and even a few were new to house shows in general. We love doing this for the music community of Denton. That's why we're incredibly proud to be paying each and every band and solo artist who performed this weekend.

Which, brings us to our last thank you: You. When you donate at a house show, pay the cover to get into a venue, buy their music or merch, or go and see them at a show outside of Denton, you're supporting local music in the best ways possible. The more that you do this, and the more of your friends who you bring into this great community, then the better it will do. Things change, bands will breakup, and venues will close, but Denton will always have its music.



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