Adam Selby

Logo by Kara Aguayo

For four years, I ran and managed a house venue in Denton, TX with a small group of close friends. We became the largest and most influential house venue in Denton through a mixture of marketing, organization, and professionalism at our shows. Over the four year runtime, we hosted nearly 200 unique bands at 50+ shows, and we hosted 3 one-of-a-kind multi-day festivals in our backyard. During our run, I was responsible for the branding and marketing for the house and its shows which included creating unique promotional videos for over 35 of our 50+ total shows.

The Jagoe House logo was drawn by hand by my friend Kara Aguayo, and I adapted it and its colors to create the “Jagoe House brand” for our social media pages, show promotion materials, and fundraiser merchandise. Each of the three JagoeFest flyers featured original artwork by Kara, with adaptations for screen-printed t-shirts, and generated marketing images for each band and artist for promotion for their set or date. I created a flexible branding system for use across the three unique JagoeFest themes, and managed the creation and use of our branded materials, as well as I art directing each JagoeFest theme. Additionally, I also storyboarded, shot, and edited each Jagoe House promo video with collaboration within our small team. In addition, I managed all of the house’s social media accounts, and wrote press statements when needed, and served as press contact for the DIY venue to the student newspaper, and local blogs.




Branded merch from each of the unique brands created for JagoeFest



JagoeFest Thank You Letter

March 2016


JagoeFest Thank You Letter

October 2016


JagoeFest Thank You Letter

October 2017


Writing samples from each JagoeFest event



Featured: JagoeFest 2 and JagoeFest 3 promo video compilations


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