Adam Selby

Copywriting by Casey Cummins

As our assignment for the Advertising Campaigns class at the Mayborn School of Journalism, we formed student agencies. For our agency, Centroidal, I served as Art Director of our ad creative, and branding. This spot was concepted by our creative team of myself and Casey Cummins, where we both contributed to copy and direction. My final responsibility in this project was the production and art itself.

Central Kia is a chain of local car dealerships, specializing in affordable quality cars. Central Kia came to us seeking a totally fresh take on what it means to be a car dealership. We produced a full media plan book, as well as a comprehensive campaign which was anchored by this television spot. In addition to leading our creative and design, I also produced our presentation for which we were awarded high praise.


Our commercial concept for Central Kia

Our billboard concept for Central Kia

Some of the branding from our pitch book