Icon Design

While I’m no illustrator, icon design has been an interest of mine for a long time. It’s a precise yet flexible form of communication, which generally has an iterative journey before arriving at the correct solution. A selection of icons that I’ve created are shown below, as well as on each project’s page.




Mochila is an app for university students that I co-created and designed. I’ve created a wide variety of icons for our app, website, and marketing in the past two years of working on it. A few of my favorites are featured below.


What started as a little easter egg of an icon in a client project turned into an exercise in recreating the iconic profile of the Model S. Since it started as a small interface icon, it lacked details such as door handles and windows. In practice though, I really like how it reflects the design of the car’s key. Also available as a 8x12 giclée print.


For Muse’s editing interface, I created an assortment of icons for varying tasks such as alignining, adding, and removing elements. In addition, we needed icons for each drawer in the interface. Working with the client, we had some fun with these being multi-color icons with gradients and even blur effects where it made sense.

La La Land

This film was one of my favorites from 2016, and it inspired me to take a stab at drawing an icon of the scene depicted in the poster. It turned out really well, and it was great to practice drawing with the Apple Pencil and Astropad.


In honor of the late great David Bowie, I designed this as a combination of what I feel are two of Bowie’s most notable images and album covers. Also available as a 8x8 giclée print.

Funk Volume

One of the great customers we've helped at 88 Oak was Funk Volume. We created both iOS and Android apps for them, and this app icon was an unused concept featuring their existing logo.


This icon was great fun to create, and went along with an equally fun and vibrant interface. The app was a consumer app for a paintball field company which never progressed forward.

See more of my icons on Dribbble.